1. Stalingrad

From the recording Stalingrad


The memories remain
From when I was alive
All I used to be
Is buried in the snow
I lie here all alone
Faraway from home
I Fought until the end
With nothing to defend
We were told that we were heroes
Not to be defeated
I found it out the hard way, they all lied
And I can see the few remaining
Dying all around me
None of them will go to heaven
Let me take you back
To where it all began
Remind you of the pain
We gathered here today
I was young
The road before me
Wide and never-ending
Heading for a life of you and me
The days of joy
The tears of laughter
Echoes here forever
The time had come to prove I was a man
One of a million marching into a certain grave
I made the war my enemy, no glory to the brave
If only I could find
A way to ease my mind
Leave all this pain behind
Why I am here!!
Tell me why
This world I knew was out of reach
Reality was under siege
The innocents were torn apart
In this hell out there we're dying one by one
Faraway from the battlefield
By the choices made our fate was sealed
The visions of this mind insane
Is to blame for this massacre in vein
Never to retreat
Never say surrender
The winter and the cold
The invincible defender
They had the nation
And Mother nature on their side
I was told I'd be a hero
I would be rewarded
But I don't see the stone upon my grave
Now I am just a lonely spirit
Trapped inside a nightmare
The souls of all I killed won't let me go